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Acrylic Nails Come in Different Shapes to Suit Everyone’s Needs

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Women love getting acrylic nails applied, and every day nail shops all over the world are filled with eager customers who love the look of these faux nails. Acrylic nails are strong and made to last, and you can put any type of nail polish over them, including gel polish. What a lot of women don’t know, however, is that acrylic nails actually come in different shapes, and a qualified, experienced nail tech will be familiar with all of them. Listed below are seven of these shapes, and there is a shape to fit any type of customer.

Round Nails

This is the shape most people opt for when they get acrylic nails applied, and it gets its name because it is rounded at the end. If you have a wide nail bed and short nails, this shape works best for you, and it tends to make your hands look a little bit slimmer.

Square Nails

Many women prefer square nails when getting acrylic nails applied, because of the square shape at the top part of the nail. Square nails look best for women with long, slim hands and fingers, as they tend to shorten the look of your fingers and add some width to your hands.

Squoval Nails

With an unusual name, this style is similar to square nails, except that the sides of the nails are slightly rounded instead of coming to a sharp end. Squoval nails are a low-maintenance option for those who love acrylic nails, and they have a softer look than other acrylic nail shapes available today.

Oval Nails

This shape is just as it sounds – the entire nail has an oval look. If you have small hands and long nails, oval nails are a great option for you, and they can elongate your hands and make them look longer and slimmer, making them a basic and very popular choice for women.

Stiletto Nails

These are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and they are characterised by their sharp point at the end of each nail. Resembling the heels on stiletto shoes, they can elongate short fingers and make them look a lot more elegant.

Ballerina Nails

Also called coffin nails, these are similar to stiletto nails except that there is a slightly flat, straight tip. They are perfect for women who already have strong nails, and they can make short hands look longer.

Almond Nails

Perfect for short, wide fingers, almond-shaped nails lengthen both your hands and your nails, and they have a soft-like, rounded tip that makes the nail look like an almond in shape.

Regardless of the shape or size of your hands and nails, you can easily find the perfect nail shape whenever you choose to get acrylic nails. These nail shapes truly offer something for everyone, so regardless of what you’re starting with, it is easy to get a beautiful end result. If you choose the right nail shop, their nail techs will be familiar with all of these shapes, and possibly others as well, so visiting a reputable nail shop is your best option when you wish to experiment with nail shapes.